Adjustable Height Keyboard Arms
Adjustable Height Keyboard Arms

Adjustable height keyboard arms allow you to adjust the height of the keyboard or tilt the keyboard and personalize your set up in seconds.


OSHPD Approval: OPM-0271-13


General Features

  • Lock arm in any position
  • Integrated cable management
  • Internal gas spring provides counterbalance
  • Durable, aluminum body


6" Arm Extension

24" (61 cm) reach

9" Arm Extension

27" (68.6cm) reach

12" Arm Extension

30" (76.2cm) reach

16" Arm Extension

34" (86.4cm) reach

Monitor Arm Accessories

Power Bar

  • Hospital grade, 4 power outlets
  • 120 VAC, 60Hz
Part Number: POWERBAR4-MON

Power Holder

  • Holds most power adapters for PCs, patient monitors and LCDs
Part Number: PWRHLD-MON

Cord Hooks

  • Manage cables, cords and other hanging wires
  • Attach to the bottom of any monitor arm
Part Number: CRDHLDR

Barcode Scanner Holder

  • Universal Barcode Scanner Holder
Call for part number

Barcode Dock Mount

  • Accommodates a variety of barcode scanner bases and has been tested with a wide variety of charging bases
Part Numbers: BARCDHLD2-(X) and BARCDHLD2-LCD

LCD Handle

  • Ergonomic handles can be added to any Amico LCD mount
  • Knuckle guard protects walls and user’s hands

Cord Wrap

  • Ideal for Managing Wires and Cords
Part Number: CORDWRAP

Monitor Channel

  • Standard wall channel 19” (48.3cm)
  • Seismic options are available and custom lengths are welcome
Part Number: MRS-019

Channel Covers

  • Easy way to hide wires
  • Available in patterns and colors to match any decor
Call for part number

Monitor Handle

  • Easy Grab Handle
Part Number: AHM-HAND-00

Storage Baskets

  • 10" W x 10" D x 4" H Sterilizable white wire basket
Part No: 101004-MON-BB

Storage Baskets

  • 10" W x 6" D x 9" H Sterilizable white wire basket
Part No: 100609-MON-BB

Storage Baskets

  • 13" W x 9" D x 7" H Sterilizable white wire basket
Part No: 130907-MON-BB

Storage Baskets

  • 13" W x 9" D x 7" H Sterilizable blood pressure (BP) cuff basket

CPU Mounts

  • 1.5" x 3"
Part Number: CPUMNT1-MON

CPU Mounts

  • 3" x 4.5"
Part Number: CPUMNT2-MON

CPU Mounts

  • 4.5" x 7"
Part Number: CPUMNT3-MON

CPU Mounts

  • 7" x 9.5"
Part Number: CPUMNT4-MON

Keyboard Tray Swap Installation Video


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